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What Type of Interventions?


The treatment is aimed to address individual’s needs and it is not ‘one size fits all’ therapy. Every individual is unique with their own life history so the interventions would be unique to the individual. Psychoanalytic treatment requires a long term treatment as well as patience and commitment but I can offer brief treatments to individuals who would benefit more from them due to their circumstances.

Duration/Frequency of the Sessions?


Sessions are between 40-50 minutes and there is no 50-minute set time. This is because it may be more helpful to end the session on a note where it is meaningful rather than to be restricted by the clock.


Sessions are usually once a week to start with. Some individuals may choose to meet fortnightly or twice a week depending on their individual circumstances. This is something that can be discussed throughout the initial sessions.




The fee is £60 per session. Low cost places are available for those who cannot afford the full fee. All appointments require 24 hours cancellation notice. Missed sessions without notice are due in full.


What is next?


If you want to decide if psychoanalytic treatment is right for you or see if we can work together, we can arrange an initial consultation. It is important that you work with someone you feel that it is the right fit for you as this can affect the whole treatment.

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